The following is a simple Singapore escort guide on how to get the most out of your personal escort experience in Singapore.


Always do your homework. If you choose not to do your homework, you will have no one to blame but yourself for your poor experience. Reviewing Singapore recommended escort sites are a good place to start your research. Many Singapore dating escort providers advertise, so you should get started by clicking on their individual social escort sites. Take the time to read everything and do not just stick to staring at photographs and rates. This will help give you a better idea on the chosen social escorts’ personality.

Initial Contact

This is the first hurdle to clear without falling flat on your face. If the site has an appointment request form, fill it out and provide all the requested information. If you do not like the Singapore entertainment escort providers’ contact terms, move on and find someone else. What happens if there is no request form? Send an email.

Keep it simple. “Hi from Joe” or “Appointment request from Mike” will get your email read. Do not use subjects like, “I need it bad!” or “Do me!” which will be an automatic delete.

Most escort service providers are very good about returning respectable emails. Expect a response within 48 hours or less. However, you should understand that they may be very busy. Some escort providers have auto-response system set up and that may be the first email that you get back. Just because the Singapore model escort provider does not reply right away, it does not mean bad news. Sometimes, messages get deleted by mistake or eaten by Internet gremlins.


Once the escort service agencies provider has responded to your initial request (via email, phone call, etc.), the next step is verification. If you have never seen an Singapore erotic massage escort before and have no escort provider references, they are going to ask for information that will prove you are not a rogue government agency trying to entrap them.

The Asian-oriental escort service provider will likely ask for what seems like personal information. For example, work phone, company name, who have you seen, who you know, etc.

Do not fight this.

They are merely trying to protect themselves, their escorts girls and their clients from potential problems. Keep in mind, social escort providers in Singapore want to make the appointment too but they also have a vested interest in safety and discretion. Some escort girl service providers ask for little information while others ask for more. Regardless of how much information they ask for, if you refuse to provide them with the information, you can forget about an appointment. Verification is a safety process that you CANNOT negotiate away.


Setting the Appointment

At this point, you may have received a contact number for the Singapore escort female agency and instructions on how to make your appointment.

Be sure to follow all instructions. Call from an unblocked number and conduct yourself like you would in any other professional situation. They have a escort service you want and you are calling to contract those Singapore social escort services. Remember, the rules of what you can and cannot say still apply.

But what if a man answers? Don’t panic!

Calmly and politely say a greeting (“Hello”, “Good afternoon”, etc.) followed by, (“Did I dial 69696969?”.) Often, you have dialed the right number and the bookings happen to be done by a man. No problem! Do not get freaked out!

Asking, “So buddy, how much for a short time?” or “Have you dated her yourself?” is a guaranteed hang up. It screams “Hi! I’m a dumb ass with no class.” Don’t ask silly and cynical questions!

After you have gone through all that, now is the time to find out more information about the social escort girl companion. Now, this is assuming that the information asked is not on their website. If it is, there is no greater way to look like a fool by asking questions that have already been painstakingly answered previously on their site.

This is also a good time to let them know about you. Talk about your likes, dislikes, etc. but please do not tell them your life story. If this is your first time, tell them! If you are nervous, be a man and say so. Most social escort agencies in Singapore are fantastic at putting you at ease as long as you are honest. This is not the time to be shy or tough it out!

Before the Big Day

Nothing can be stressed more here than being clean!

Be freshly showered, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and be dressed! Answering the door in your purple silk boxers may work fine for scaring away ‘The Devil’ but it is bad for a first meeting. The only pleasure you will have is the probability of watching the escort walk away; especially if this is your first time.

Do not be under the influence of drugs or if you do partake in that sort of thing, do not bring it with you or have it in the room. It is unlawful and is punishable by the law here. Showing up drunk is also a bad idea. Singapore Escort Agencies companions of a certain caliber will walk away immediately if you fall into either two of these categories.

There they are, standing in the doorway, offer your hand, invite her in, and offer her a seat. If you are really savvy, a fresh vase of her favorite flowers is a great touch and invite her to take them when she leaves.

Expect to sit and chat for a little bit to break the ice. Have a glass of juice, soda, or wine out to offer. Keep in mind that some escorts may refuse alcoholic beverages. Do not be put off by it and do not push the issue. Smile, respect it, and have something else just in case.

You may be asked to show identification for verification purposes.

Some escorts will count the fee in front of you while others will excuse themselves and go to the bathroom to check all is in order. There are also cases where the escort companion will not even touch it until the end of the meeting.

Whatever you do, do not ask “So, what am I getting for this?” That is what your research was for and any smart escort will turn around and walk away.

After the small chit chat, the companion may or may not excuse herself to the bathroom while telling you to “get comfortable”. This is your sign to ‘get ready’.

Remember her boundaries and that “No means no!” If you are still nervous, most escorts will sense this and lead through the meeting. Remember, attitude is key. If you are polite, act like a gentleman, and treat them with respect and dignity, you are pretty much going to have a good time.


The bottom line is to treat the Singapore Precious doll social escort companions like professionals. Treat them the way you expect to be treated, use your manners, and acts of kindness, and the respect will be returned to you.

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